Medical Acupuncture as a technique sits very nicely alongside other more conventional techniques typically associated with physiotherapy. I take an integrated approach, usually includes medical acupuncture when indicated which clinically allows me to achieve faster and longer lasting results. Effectively I am able to bring my patients pain under control more rapidly along with a with a quicker return to function by using medical acupuncture along with manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and pain management counselling as required.


PhysioEXCEL 600

Simon Coghlan, course director for PhysioEXCEL, organises and delivers training in Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling. Courses are tutored by Simon as well as other international experts in the field of Medical Acupuncture. Together they share many years of personal experience and are familiar with the latest research and best practises to raise the standards in safe and effective needling techniques.

Courses are aimed at Chartered Physiotherapists and other regulated healthcare professionals e.g Doctors, nurses and midwives who use needling in their practise. If you would like to join an upcoming course at Mount Merrion Chartered Physiotherapy, please go to the course listings page for further information - http://www.physioexcel.ie/courses.html


It was the year 2000 and I was fresh out of University working in a busy sports practice in Durban, South Africa. Lying in front of me was a hulking rugby player with intermittent severe right sided neck pain with limited mobility and occasional headaches. I was able to reproduce his pain by palpating a myofascial trigger point deep in the upper trapezius muscle. However given the size and general tone of the muscle, I knew a manual therapy approach would be somewhat futile.

I called on my physiotherapy colleague, an experienced needler for assistance. On this occasion he guided me in needling the muscle gently but effectively - almost immediately the rugby players symptoms subsided and with it a change in muscle tone. His neck mobility was near fully restored. He was very pleased with result and I was fascinated with what I had observed.

From that day forward I committed myself to learning more about evidence based needling techniques and their role in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. This has lead me on a 15 year journey meeting and training with some incredibly skilled practitioners from as far afield as Canada, the United States, Portugal, South Africa and the UK culminating in the Diploma in Medical Acupuncture and full accreditation with the British Medical Acupuncture Society. I have used these skills along with my physiotherapy qualifications to benefit many hundreds of satisfied clients over the years.