Course reflection - Medical Acupuncture in the Treatment of Knee Pain & Dysfunction

On Saturday November 1st, I was very pleased to run the second in a series of Medical Acupuncture (with the integration of Dry Needling) courses in the management of a variety of regional conditions. This course focussed on the use of needling techniques in managing knee pain and dysfunction.

The aim of the course was once again to provide attendees with a range of needling techniques which can be effectively and safely applied in practice the following week. To allow for a practical emphasis, pre - course theory modules were completed online by the participants. These included a safety review, mechanism review, principles of point selection as well as conditions and patient suitable for medical acupuncture treatment.

We started the day with a review of the pre-course material and then went on to a clinical overview of the knee, followed by a rapid assessment relevant to the medical acupuncture practitioner.

From then on the rest of the day was very practical with point demonstrations, discussion and practical experience needling in our newly revamped and expanded clinic. The extra space was very helpful and allowed us more room to move about.

The practical sessions gave the attendees time and the opportunity to refine their manual assessment, palpation and needling techniques paying particular attention to dose control. We covered a selection of local, segmental, extra-segmental and trigger points relevant to the knee having made an orthodox medical diagnosis.

The afternoon lecture focussed on the concept of dose and how to manage this during a course of treatment. We ended the day with an overview of the course as well as a case study.

The feedback questionnaires where very positive and included the following comments:

“A clear, focussed course with good course literature and remained focussed throughout the day. Excellent coffee!” EW

“Well lead course, plenty of time for theory and practical sessions”

“Plenty of practice and supervision. Very enjoyable, very interactive and would recommend to other interested colleagues” CC

“Very good course. I learned good techniques to use as part of my acupuncture treatments” ML

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course because of the emphasis on practical demonstrations, very approachable tutors” CR

“Very useful- interesting and learnt loads!”

I am planning a low back pain and dysfunction course for the New Year, please keep an eye on the website for details or follow me @SimonAcuPT

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